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SYNOR Ltd. is a research and development company whose main activity lies in development of new methods of chemical synthesis and in creation of new elemento-organic substances, which it supplies to various research centers in Russia and abroad.


During the 20 years of its existence, SYNOR has specialized on research of methods of fine synthesis of complex organic substances for micro and nano-electronics, optic electronics, and catalysts of organic synthesis. The company has tailored its research and nomenclature towards real needs of large international corporations and firms. Over the period of 20 years, SYNOR developed more than 500 new techniques of synthesis. It also developed about 500 new elemento-organic substances, including metalocens of practically all transitive metals; alkyl substances; cyclic substances of the IVth group, in particular Ge, Sn, Pb, Si etc.; elemento-organic substances with elements of the Vth and VIth group; and metalo-organic substances of rare earth elements. The company concentrated its efforts on research and development of new synthetic technologies and on satisfying consumer demand for new synthetic materials. Most SYNOR products go to clients in USA, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Great Britain, and some other countries.


Our exclusive representative in Europe is

Intatrade Chemicals GmbH
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06774 Muldestausee, Germany
Phone: +49 3493 605464
Fax: +49 3493 605470


Our exclusive representative in
North America is

Ereztech LLC
11555 Medlock Bridge Rd, Suite 100
Johns Creek, GA 30097
Phone: +1.888.658.1221
Fax: +1.678.619.2020


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